How to Raise the Value of Your Home

There are plenty of ways to quickly increase the value of your home, whether you’re interested
in small changes that will get big results or doing a complete remodel. Here are some tips to get
the most bang for your buck.

Start Small

Even small improvements can vastly improve how great your home looks to potential buyers,
and for you. Whether you’re considering selling your home or not, making small improvements
will ensure your home stays ahead of the times without growing outdated or going
unmaintained. These small changes can include:

  • Removing dated wallpaper and/or adding a fresh coat of paint. Neutrals are great for
    some situations, but you’ll actually get better results by choosing a widely loved but more
    popping color choice. Think blues and greens, or do an accent wall with a bright option.
  • Changing out door handles and locks. Updating them can add security to your home
    while also changing the look and feel of your interior. Go for a brushed steel or silver look
    for the longest lasting style.
  • Painting your front door, or replacing it. If you have a dated front door, it’s going to be all
    people see–a quick facelift can totally change your home’s look. If you can add or
    replace shutters, do that too.
  • Updating appliances, especially with stainless steel models and eco-friendly, Energy Star
    rated equipment. Focus on the range top, oven, dishwasher, fridge, and washer/dryer (in
    that order).

Go Bigger

The above suggestions will definitely add to the perceived value of your home when it comes to
you, your friends, and even homebuyers if you’re thinking about selling. However, if you’re
looking to pump real equity into your home, you’ll need to put up more of an investment by
following these tips…

  • Plan your remodel: Changes that are made intentionally rather than on impulse will save
    you money and get better results. Go one room at a time and plan all the changes you
    are going to make before getting started.
  • Focus on the kitchen: The kitchen remains the heart of every home, and that means any
    changes you do here will be maximized.

    • Add a nice valance or window covering as needed to dress up the natural light
    • Paint or replace cabinetry that is outdated.
    • Put in a new sink that has a sleek, modern fixture.
    • Update your appliances with black or stainless steel covers and Energy Star
      rated equipment.
    • Cover or replace counters that are outdated.
    • Cover or replace flooring that is outdated.
  • Focus on the bathroom: The second biggest focal point of a home? The bathrooms.
    Focus on the master bathroom first, then the shared bathroom, and then secondary

    • Dress up the natural light sources with sheer curtains.
    • Replace shower curtains with nice fabric covers.
    • Paint or replace outdated cabinetry.
    • Put in a new sink with a modern fixture.
    • Put in a new toilet, if needed.
    • Cover or replace the countertop, if needed.
    • Cover or replace the flooring, if needed.

If you follow these tips, you can quickly add substantial value to your home, whether you’re
raising your investment’s equity or trying to make the sell that much quicker.

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