Why Renters Should Not Consolidate Debt

3 Reasons Why Renters Should Avoid Debt Consolidation Loans Debt consolidation applications can affect your credit score Are you renting your home because you’re saving up for a down payment to purchase a home in the near future? Will you need to finance a car purchase soon? Have you thought about going back to school

Why I Bought My Childhood House

The temporary option For a growing family, the best-laid plans often have to shift — sometimes in the best possible way. The Harolds welcomed their first child while Adam was in nursing school. It was a challenging situation, but the couple made it work with one income and some help from family. But they realized

6 Things Buyers Can Do To Ace An Open House

6 Ways for Buyers to Maximize Their Time at an Open House 1. Request a private home tour before the open house Private showings are good for buyers who want to take their time and inspect a property without the seller’s agent hovering. Ask your agent to snag an appointment before crowds of other buyers